Monday, October 12, 2015

Updated "magic machine test"

in a previous post:

I posited a magic machine.

Having spent some time in TG chat groups (not something I'd recommend if you don't want to get angry), it is time to update the test.

The machine now does not only make you irreversibly female, including periods and womb, it makes you unfortunate looking. So no great beauty (by patriarchal standards). You'll never grace the front of a magazine, or win a beauty queen award. Always the second fiddle to the true homecoming queen.

Would you STILL press that button?

why the change? (you might ask). Well, it seems the depth of fetishisation in the TG community has an extra layer of delusion. Lots and lots of boys who, uncomfortable with heterosexuality and the position it gives them in our sick patriarchal society, reject their maleness seem to think that they will become stunning women. There's no level of reality. They talk of magic machines too, but theirs seem to always turn them into attractive, unrealistically hot, women. Their machines are not reality tests, but objectifiers, transforming them into the ultimate object of their distorted male fantasies.

So, a extra real test is needed. hopefully it weeds out a few more men before they mess up their lives.

You know, any 'TG" guys that are reading this? If you really hate the patriarchy, really hate the way women see men, as threats, you could always BE THE CHANGE by reclaiming maleness. We all need you to. That would be heroic.

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