Monday, October 7, 2013

thank you, god.

like many, i've been praying a lot. Prayer is an interesting thing. i don't want to debate the existence of god and argue with fundamentalists. i subscribe to the chaos viewpoint - the universe is far more complex than we can understand, and all language / ways of describing it, be they religion, science, math, fantasy novels, whatever, have both their successes and failures. angels and aliens and higher vibrational beings are synonyms, and are all both accurate and completely wrong. so alternative explanations are fine, go for it, but let them stand alongside the original one. the only thing that bugs me are internal inconsistencies.

so. i've been praying. not to anything in particular, but putting it out there, attempting and pleading for a change in the way the world works. that young people who are born transsexual can access the help they need before puberty. so they have an easier path.

and i'm seeing more and more of that in the news.

so, thanks, god. even if my prayers were pointless and that's just the way the world was heading, i'm profoundly grateful.

here is an example.

and another

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  1. I've changed my views on this. I think that the rise of gender policing in Children is awful. It is a big difference between enabling children who report having the wrong body, to forcing gender roles on children, then leading them into body dysmorphia as a road to escaping.


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