Monday, October 7, 2013

thank you, god.

like many, i've been praying a lot. Prayer is an interesting thing. i don't want to debate the existence of god and argue with fundamentalists. i subscribe to the chaos viewpoint - the universe is far more complex than we can understand, and all language / ways of describing it, be they religion, science, math, fantasy novels, whatever, have both their successes and failures. angels and aliens and higher vibrational beings are synonyms, and are all both accurate and completely wrong. so alternative explanations are fine, go for it, but let them stand alongside the original one. the only thing that bugs me are internal inconsistencies.

so. i've been praying. not to anything in particular, but putting it out there, attempting and pleading for a change in the way the world works. that young people who are born transsexual can access the help they need before puberty. so they have an easier path.

and i'm seeing more and more of that in the news.

so, thanks, god. even if my prayers were pointless and that's just the way the world was heading, i'm profoundly grateful.

here is an example.

and another

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Being born TS and wanting children

What is it with children, that makes everyone so emotive.

sweden had a sterilisation rule for recognition of sex change and now people are suing them.
apparently, the right to have children that are genetically yours is very important.

people born TS are advised to freeze sperm or eggs prior to surgery, for later pregnancy. Making TS women fathers and TS men pregnant. Another gender bending idea from the TG brigade, i think.

Because, when it comes down to it, being born TS sucks. big time. thanks for nothing, god of ours.

if we could ask, i bet most of us would want to be born NOT TS.

so why do so many of us appear to want to risk passing this on to our children?

We do not yet know what causes someone to be born TS, whether it is genetic, a result of womb conditions, or some weird spiritual karma. We don't know.

It would be fantastic to have children that are genetically related to me. don't get me wrong. some inherently selfish part of me longs to see myself in a child's face, heart myself in a child's words, recognise myself in a child's thought processes.

that is a selfish part though. how would i feel if i was to bring a child into this world who was also born TS, who had to face surgery to feel whole? i'd feel, deservedly, rotten. For that small moment of selfishness, i'd condem another to a lifetime of struggle.

Once upon a time, i'd have done it. i'm glad that i have had the time to reflect and consider.