Sunday, May 20, 2012

compassion for our sisters

It is easy to get polarised by the nonsense that spews from TG bog supporters.

It is easy to allow the idea that since so many TG are nutcases (by which i am referring to the actual males who think that calling themselves sally, speaking in a girly voice and wearing shiny sateen panties over their eager cocks makes them in any way, shape or form, female), that all are.

It is easy to forget to be compassionate and to forget to acknowledge the range of individuals who do not desire or gain SRS.

It is easy to forget, because males who wear dresses outnumber everyone else so incredibly.

So, we hear their voices disproportionally. We have to be regaled by monsters like Sandeen, telling us that transsexualism has nothing to do with sex, and we should reject 'sexualising' surgery, simply because he/she doesn't want it (and so therefore feels the need to try tell all of us who've had it, and the general public that we didn't need it and shouldn't have access to it). We have to listen to people say that crossdressing, convicted peadophiles have rights, and that those rights are feminist rights. We have to repeatedly hear our TS sisters be misgendered in the media and called 'transwomen' instead of 'women', or  'TG', instead of 'women' (TS really should only be an issue when raised by the woman in question). All because the lunatics run the asylum. (LGBT organisations and GLAAD)

How many people, born with the wrong body, but for some unknown reason don't want surgery get lost in the noise? How many of our sisters do we reject, simply because we've become polarised, we've hardened our attitudes to defend our condition, TS, against colonization and misappropriation by men?

I'm sure there are a few. 

What spurred this line of thought? I was having a shower today, thinking about women. I've been pretty heterosexual since my surgery, with only one non-sexual love affair with another woman. I'm clueless as to what women do when in bed together. I had a look at sex toys, checking out what is marketed at lesbians. There's some fun stuff - harnesses with inward 'plugs' and outwards dildos, a weird contraption which is supposed to slot into your bum and vagina and extends out like a penis. (i know! the one i saw was black, too, it kind of looked like one of the scary aliens from signourney weaver's movies clinging to the model's body). Tools of penetration.

And all just a little ickky. scary, even! Maybe its because i am heterosexual (well, i thought i was), but sex seems like its supposed to have a good component of penetration in it. it certainly feels amazing to be on the receiving end. Would sex with a female partner be lacking in some pivotal way without it? Perhaps i'll find out one day.

So, i thought. What if... what if i'd been in love with a woman, prior to surgery, and my revulsion for my boy bits was less strong than my love for my partner. Wouldn't keeping a neat biological strap-on, far more advanced than anything you can buy in a sex-shop be far preferable to spending heaps of money on surgery? For me, it wasn't. the whole thing was too much. (although now i'm thinking having a cast done prior to hormones would have made for the most hilarious strap on). Perhaps for some of us, though, that equation is different. Not through attachement to parts, but through love of another (and love of screaming sex). Perhaps some of those people who say "i am a woman", even though they've got a penis, really are women?

Can't imagine it, from a personal perspective. Playing with sex toys could well be a bit of fun, and the tool of penetration would be both exchangeable and expendable. You'd have to have a really twisted idea of servitude to your sexual partner to want to keep a deformity, and to miss out on the joys of a good, hard, ... well. hopefully you know what i mean. Perhaps you'd even be lost in some mental game of wanting to be a stereotype of female, so therefore sterotypically submissive, so therefore willing to pretend that keeping a penis is an act of love as opposed to and act of attachment?

But that's my opinion. Maybe some of you reading know better?


  1. You wrote: "Maybe its because i am heterosexual (well, i thought i was), but sex seems like its supposed to have a good component of penetration in it."

    I'm pretty sure it's accurate to say that more women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation than through vaginal penetration. There are a lot of women for whom the clitoris is the main event; penetration is more for the guy.

    So maybe you can get the idea of what two women might do in bed, even if they didn't have or didn't want penetrative toys. :)

    There are, of course, women who love to be penetrated and perhaps receive good stimulation that way. But there is so much more to sex, even for heterosexuals, than vaginal penetration.

  2. Hi Flow,
    Your case of the person whose love of another overrode the desire to get rid of their 'boy bits' was interesting. I am sure that there are such people out there, and their situation has my sympathy.
    However, where legal identity is concerned, there has to be a 'break point', a line in the sand, on one side of which you classify as female and on the other side, male.
    Until we have another classification for those that are neither one or the other, we will have this issue.
    Legally, one must need a penis to be male and a vulva to be female.
    Not to have that rule is to follow the insanity in Argentina. Perhaps it isn't insane, or wouldn't be if everyone didn't give a rat's patootie about gender as an identifier. That, indeed, would be the best solution.
    The present global sensitivity to gender is similar to the issue of sexual orientation, that used to be such a vexed issue and is no longer, at least in our part of the world...
    Somehow, we have to find a social/legal ethos that includes everyone on an equal footing....... It is proving difficult....

  3. Like you, I didn't get a perfectly good biological dildo replaced with a vagina in order to have sex with women! (Though to be honest I didn't get it specifically to have sex with men either; I got it because I'm a woman. The sex with men part is icing on the cake, so to speak.) But I've seen and talked to many of these who claim to have given up complete transition for the sake of wife or children, and while that sounds all noble on the outside, it brings to mind two questions.

    First, if they are truly transsexual as they claim, then retaining the wrong anatomy is going to be nothing less than constant, excruciating torture. If they are truly women, then keeping a penis is not going to benefit a wife whatsoever, even the very idea of it is going to make the one with the penis want to DIE. So the first question is: How much worth, really, are they actually going to be to anyone in such a sorry, debilitated state?

    The second question is related to the first: If they are a woman as they claim, how in the world can they even stand to consider keeping a penis?! It just doesn't work, and in the end only brings more heartache and misery to all involved.

    I can sympathize to a point with their plight, but at the same time I can't believe their claim to be a woman with a penis because of some altruistic self-sacrifice on their parts (no pun intended lol). It's just an excuse to keep and use their man bits, and lord knows the TG have the monopoly on those kinds of excuses.


  4. "Sympathy For The Devil"? I don't think so.

    What you are experiencing Flow, is part of a learning process. As you gradually de-tox off the TG kool aid, you will come to see more clearly the reality that is the TG Borg aka Umbrella Corp, (subsidiries of Gay Inc.), and their efforts to assimilate all women, and most specifically those women who have been cured of that particular congenital birth defect commonly known as transsexualism.

    Many years ago I offered my hand in friendship and support in an honest effort to help them find societies acceptance of their particularly peculiar lifestyle. What a HUGE mistake! Despite the TG propaganda, the vast majority of post-op women harbor no ill will towards the TG any more than we have issues or problems with gay men or lesbians.

    The problems arise when radical TG activist types engage in outright identity theft by claiming that young women like Jenna Talaklova are 'transgender' and/or just like them, (the part-time or even full-time crossdresser, many of whom are still in possession of all their male 'junk').

    Then, to add egregious insult to injury, these egalitarian/progressive and frankly radical anarchistic deconstructionists, will aggressively do anything and everything to destroy the happily fufilled lifestyle of those who have found love and peace within the mainstream of society by shamelessly trying to 'out'. "Sympathy For The Devil"? I don't think so.

    The ones that I feel genuinely sorry for are those who like yourself, were seduced by that ubiquitous Pink Fog.

  5. "Perhaps you'd even be lost in some mental game of wanting to be a stereotype of female, so therefore sterotypically submissive, so therefore willing to pretend that keeping a penis is an act of love as opposed to and act of attachment?"

    That is quite a stretch. Please tell me you are kidding.

  6. I dont believe my genital configuration is a credential.
    I was always a girl whether or not I had a penis - as perfect as god/nature made me. SRS was not 'always' available to us but has been made compulsory. People like me always lived just a little outside of the normal requirements of males or females in society and often had special roles because we are outside the normal breeder & hunter roles.
    I wanted children and simply couldn't make them with a new vagina.
    When the time came for surgery I was told I have no immune system and srs or any post-infection would probably kill me. I chose life rather than surgery that would cause me to reconsider my sexuality (I like girls), over a high maintenance and for me a life threatening surgical option.
    Having been forced to reconsider the whole 'triadic' treatment made me aware that the surgery was not part of dealing with the cards nature gave me.
    I am a woman, raised as a male, with a dick, and thats how god made me.
    No Olympic-class surgery was going to make me complete unless I accepted myself, and having done that I'm glad I have the life I have, and the past that led me here.


    1. i can kind of hear where you are coming from... except. Isn't sex profoundly wrong? it always was for me - my partner's responses were great, but the feeling i got was always mixed heavily with loss.
      i found that part of accepting myself was accepting that i needed surgery.
      also. if you had 'no immune system' you'd be dead. so i'm a little suspicious of your words.
      I used to believe that i was one of those 'special' people (even post-op). part male. part female. that was down to TG programming. Really, i was afraid of claiming my female status because i thought people would judge me and find me failing.

    2. Firstly, Jen speaks the truth about her immune system issues. I think baseless suspicion, especially when you don't have all the facts is problematic to say the least.

      Projecting your own feelings on someone else who has come to terms enough with a situation they had no control over is just that... projecting YOUR FEELINGS, it doesn't reflect the truth behind the situation.

      Jen is one of our strongest advocates for our 'cause' - the seperation of TS from the TGay Borg - and you react in such a manner... makes me begin to look hard at what you are saying versus how you are reacting..


    3. are you serious? "NO" immune system?

      sorry honey. i don't know what planet you are from, but without lymphocytes and a well educated antigen system, you won't make it out of the womb alive. The slightest cold would kill you in days. The statement is patently false, and it doesn't take multiple degrees to know it.

      Perhaps the correct terminology would be "compromised" immune system.

      getting the words right is vital.

      so don't label me with baseless suspicion. i'm educated and knowledgeable about all sorts of stuff.

      your reaction is strong. re-read what i've said. all i did was call the 'no immune system" nonsense. to extrapolate that out further is plainly false and antagonistic.

      i'm interested. Jen is one of the first people to talk to me openly about this stuff. I raised one of my issues in return. that's called conversation.

    4. Extremely Compromised then, sheesh. And yes, the slightest cold COULD be fatal, which is why we left the city to live far out in the boonies to keep her exposure to sick people to an absolute minimum.

      Nit picking is half the problem with transsexual people, most of us are too smart for our own good and quibble over minor shit instead of the big picture.

      Baseless suspicion comes from what you said, Flow, and how you said it. My reaction is strong because the person involved(Jen) is worthy of that reaction.


    5. i don't know why you bother Mari. if other people's concerns and desire for clarity count as "minor shit" then you might as well stop communicating.

      what i said was fine. nothing wrong with it at all. i'll stand by it. I knew as i was writing that i was talking personally, and that, if so inclined, a reader could decide to take it the wrong way. That's your call, not mine.

      I really do NOT understand how sex with a penis can be satisfying. It never was for me, beyond vicarious pleasure.

      I really do NOT understand how sex with a penis is even possible, one anti-androgens are working. Mine ceased to function.

      This blog entry was about a search to find compassion. The one person who responded who could have helped with that told a blatant falsehood (which unfortunately devalued everything else she said), and then her friend (you, mari) went on an aggressive attack. That is no way to engender compassion, its is fuckwit behaviour.

      so keep your insults to yourself, please.

    6. Neither Jen nor I mentioned SEX anywhere.

      Fuckwit behaviour is posting in Post-trans Normality about stuff here.

      FNT's ....

      OH yeah, you wanna know what that is, go looking in Raven Kaldera's stuff.


    7. Mari. i posted in PTN as a response to you writing in this blog that "it makes me question my place within this group".

      go re-read what you've posted. I agree that the anonymous posting wasn't the nicest. that's no reason to go nuts and start hitting out at everyone.

    8. To be completely honest here, I'm not aware of any 'compromised immune system' related illness that wouldn't *kill somebody in the long run anyway* -- such as AIDS. So what's being said here is somebody who fashions themselves a woman (sorry, you're not female until that change of sex any more than I am just yet) would rather settle for dying with a dick and a 'M' on their license than to live true to themselves. Sorry if this floors your blood pressure or so on Mari (a lot of things appear to piss you off), but no thanks. I'm not that way and would never want to die that way. Is that how you think transsexual females want to be remembered? By their former lives instead of the real ones? In what realm of bizarre does that make sense to you?

  7. " SRS was not 'always' available to us but has been made compulsory"

    ??? Who is 'us'?

    " 'always' available..." What do mean by 'always' available?

    "has been made compulsory". Made 'compulsory', by whom?

    Jen. What you have provided by this argument(?), perspective(?), is an example of someone deep in the throes of the Pink Fog.

    I am glad for you and hope that you continue to enjoy your life, "just a little outside of the normal requirements of males or females in society".

    Forgive me for not being able to accept that you are "...a woman, raised as a male, with a dick". Personally, I believe that you are simply man, raised as a male, with a dick, playing at being a woman.

    1. Firstly, you couldn't even sign off on your post while hiding behind the 'anonymous' says much about this bullshit reply.

      SRS has only been available to the transsexual person in recent history, yet our presence in history has been noted for thousands of years. Our identity in recent history is now based on the fact of having had surgery to have our socially acceptable identity papers reflect that identity rather than the fact that we self identify as transsexual women.

      'Us' signifies a transsexual person.

      Fuck what you think and can accept. Jen hasn't made any judgements on anyone here who posts yet faces this kind of shite from within our ranks, makes me question my place within this group. Grow the fuck up. You don't know the full story, so back off until you do. Jen saved my life more than once, especially when the TGay thinking came close to driving me to the edge of my sanity. That is why I defend her and her circumstances. And that's what they are, less than wondeful circumstances, they don't define who she is according to your value skewed point of view/opinion.


    2. mari. your aggressiveness is extremely unfortunate and does not help your cause at all.

      take some time out and some deep breathes before posting such reactionary and inflammatory posts. let Jen speak for herself.

      if you post another message with a personal insult in it like that i'm simply going to delete it.

      and honey. I do NOT identify as a transsexual woman. i am a woman. the priestesses of early history are now called transsexual. at the time, they were priestesses.

      they removed their testicles and penis. that's surgery.

      get your facts straight, sister.

    3. "SRS has only been available to the transsexual person in recent history..." Yeah, if by 'recent' you mean eighty-two years -- and that's just the first attempt at modern surgery we know of. Apparently, such a thing was attempted in Roman times. To be fair, it would be perfectly acceptable if you want to be like the transsexuals of the past and smash your testicles between some rocks or take it all off with a knife. Because that's how they did it back then.

      I also second what flow said. 'Transsexual' is a descriptor for those who are in 'transition' -- after transition, one is no longer a transsexual. The word 'transsexual' indicates that one is crossing the sexes -- it's not some kind of permanent identity. If you want that communal groupthinking shit, the transgender community is over there.

  8. Okay, no effective immune system - you know what neutropenia is, understand what large granular lymphocytosis is, and want to split hairs over my choosing life instead of spending the rest of a shortened life maintaining a faux vagina that I probably wouldnt ever use.

    I mentioned my status and you polarised in the typical manner.

    You rejected me and told me what you think I am - nice one.

    I have children - their love is unconditional.

    As for whether or not I use my dick, you are borg for caring.


    1. "...instead of spending the rest of a shortened life maintaining a faux vagina that I probably wouldnt ever use..."

      "...faux vagina that I probably wouldnt ever use..."

      I'm sorry, you're not female then. There's no shame in settling for being a woman, but your sex hasn't changed.

      Not only that, but you describe such a thing as something that would 'probably never be used' -- no transsexual female would ever say such a thing! I'm sitting here and I've been sexually dysfunctional for thirty fucking years, while you can dismiss the same thing that I need to be sexually functional as if it's fake or unnecessary. Must be real nice to sit around using what you've got for more than just jacking off -- wish I could do that.

    2. I'll relax a little since this is your house.

      Do try to imagine how irritating it is to have people making such comments about something that I need just to have a complete life to begin with. How nice that it's completely optional for some folks.

    3. i so hear you, hon. it is disappointing. and it is disappointing that people need to throw that offensive TG 'mutilated dick" stuff around. It harmed Jen's position and devalued the idea of the post, which was to hear from someone who maybe had a point of view that was comprehensible.
      There is nothing wrong with the TG lifestyle, inherently. It is a shame those who chose to be transgender do not accept themselves and let the rest of us, with different needs, co-exist without trying to claim to be like us (when they evidentially are not) or conversely, hating us.
      Rather than attacking, i think it is better to take a big deep breath and let it go. they ahve enough misery without us trying to add to it, and the laws of Karma always apply, so it really is best not to send too much hate out....

  9. jeez, people get shitty fast. I can't see any reason for it. i don't see polarized. is don't see rejection. i don't see anyone caring. The blog was about dicks, so to comment and then complain is weird.
    get life.

  10. I guess some of you cut off your dicks to spite yourselves - self loathing is a separate illness from gender dysphoria.

    A faux or neo vag is the same cock you had to start with, only mutilated, if you enjoy sensations post-op it is because your cock nerves are getting you there.

    Good luck with your mental health issues.


    1. By that rationale, a cock is a vagina since they both came from the same thing in the first place. I'm guessing biology/sexology isn't your forte, though. Mentioning which, it's not 'mutilation' any more than any other surgery is 'mutilation' -- as somebody who knows what she's talking about, a post-operative vagina is quite similar to the real thing. Nobody runs around telling females with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome that their surgical vaginas are 'faux' or 'neo' and mutilated -- that's definitely a dudely transgender thing that 'faux' women like to tell transsexuals in order to rationalize sex as if it were gender.

  11. wow. and with that, goodbye, i hope.

    compassion for 'women with cocks' is currently running at: zero.

    from this example, i get the impression that there is a huge amount of barely suppressed hatred. I could understand, Jen, if you were sad, because your immune condition denied you surgery. That's not what you are putting out, though.

    we are hearing a mixed message of "i cant have SRS", seemingly as an excuse, when the real line is "A faux or neo vag is the same cock you had to start with, only mutilated" and a blatant declaration that women who had their birth defect corrected have mental health issues.

    that's TG bog doctrine, in a nutshell.

    i was praying that there was someone sane who could say "i kept mine because..." and then be honest about what it is like to live with a deformity. The same way i could talk about how i've kept my adam's apple (so far) and my reasons and feeling about it.

    poor show, Jen, and poor who, Mari. we are not here to hate you, but you've blown a chance at friendship.

    1. As a pre-operative transsexual with a lesbian bent, I can't tell you what it's like for everybody. For me however, it's just not possible to rationalize it as a 'biological strap-on'; I froze up like a corpse and my mind filled with revulsion the first time I even attempted the act, and haven't tried again since. I'd venture a fair guess that other lesbian transsexuals need that change of sex to have a healthy sex life as well.

      So that is to say, I'm not aware of any good reason for a female to 'keep theirs because'... Have I met happy women who have managed? Sure, and more power to them if they can get around locker rooms and so on. It's not for me, though. My friends who were like that have never pretended they had a full sex change or made excuses for how they are. That's the difference here: one side is full of shit, and the other is being honest with themselves. Jen clearly falls in the former.

  12. I'm sorry but I believe, you only are really are a women, if you desire(and really showing it by doing what you can do get there) or have had the surgery done.

    When I say showing you really desire, you are not just sitting on some funding system, but you are working hard, you are making sacrifices, and saving as hard as you can.

    Tired of th new age tranny folk out there with the molly coddling bullshit they do. Ohhhhhh just be you, ohhhhh you are who you are, ohhhhhhhh unsafe space.

    Get real about it, or be happy with a crossdresser label/

  13. To echo the words of RealityCheck above,"What you are experiencing here"... is a pretty typical, hostile reaction by a male crossdrssing fetishist and his "mate" to a rejection of their, "I am a woman with a penis" TG Borg dogma.

    Happens eveytime in pretty much the same manner. There is no point in trying to befriend these hateful idealogical thugs. Sorry for the strong language, but where I come from, we call a spade, a spade. I agree with RealityCheck, "No Sympathy For The Devil".


  14. When a finger is pointed, three point back

    1. this goes both ways. There's been a lot of hardness here. i guess because we are tired of the same old dance, which inevitably ends with one side storming off in annoyance, in this case spouting a spew of TG rhetoric as they go.

      I've sat and thought about this. In Jen's case, i'm not so easy, but i am sure there are plenty of women who, for real medical reasons cannot safely have the op. They have my compassion.

      there also may be a heap of women who are in committed lesbian relationships, who have turned off testosterone (for me, this is a major thing - nearly as psychologically important as later SRS) and who cannot see the point in expensive surgery, when they are not going to use it. I'm less easy, but still have compassion. surgery is not risk free and it is not perfect. we cannot conceive. Until the day it is, then this kind of choice is understandable, a balancing of factors.

      then there are those who keep working bits. I don't understand it, and think that is a perfect example of being TG. nothing wrong with it, it just isn't what i think a woman would do (nor do any of my female friends). go figure.

  15. Give it up, Flow. This guy is just an angry tranny that claims "womanhood" because he can. As a man he expects and demands that women accede to that demand. His petulance, envy and hate towards women of history is apparent in his own words.

    "I guess some of you cut off your dicks to spite yourselves - self loathing is a separate illness from gender dysphoria.

    "A faux or neo vag is the same cock you had to start with, only mutilated..."

    I do agree with you that if these individuals would just honestly accept their particular predilictions as just some harmless quirky sexual preference and stop with the hate, then the differences could be accepted just as we have accepted gay and lesbian sex even if it might not before us.

  16. @Amberdextrix

    I am getting just a bit confused.

    First you say, " I've been sexually dysfunctional for thirty fucking years, while you can dismiss the same thing that I need to be sexually functional as if it's fake or unnecessary. Must be real nice to sit around using what you've got for more than just jacking off -- wish I could do that."

    Followed by, "as somebody who knows what she's talking about, a post-operative vagina is quite similar to the real thing. "

    And then, "As a pre-operative transsexual with a lesbian bent..."

    Perhaps a bit of context might help.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The first and third statement are of course, literally true. The second statement is based on my acquired knowledge of what's involved; other post-transsexual women have long shared that it works fine in the literal sense.

      Other than the anatomical positioning and lack of a uterus (which any post-hysterectomy woman can lack as well), the only real difference I'm aware of is that of flora and fauna. The post-operative vagina lacks in a type of lactobacilli currently, but that should be a fixable issue in the near future. The born female still has a female prostate in the form of what is often called the Skene's gland, and has to worry about vaginal prolapse like a post-transsexual female -- often in the cases of childbirth or hysterectomy. Those same females also require a surgically constructed neo-vagina in some cases as well, as I pointed out above with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome. So they're not always born properly all the time, either; nature makes mistakes.

      So to refer to the post-operative vagina in terms of being 'fake' and 'mutilated' is gross hyperbole from the kinds of somebodies who have never bothered to understand the matter. The 'cock' as Jen puts it, comes from the same flesh as the vagina in the first place. It's rather misleading to presume there's 'cock flesh' and 'vagina flesh', as if they were completely separate and mutually exclusive from one another. They are identified as one sex or the other based on the structure involved, not that the flesh was once a penis.

      For the Jens of the world to portray things in such a manner does an egregious disservice to the post-transsexual female who has gone the distance, done her time, and paid her dues. It isn't just incorrect you see, it's maliciously so.

  17. Thank You, Amber...

    Just as a personal observation, I have had one for decades and it functions just fine. I never much got into all that science about flora an fauna. All I know is that it works just fine, and if it works, (and it does, thank you very much), don't fix it.

    And yes, I agree that those that choose to denigrate our hard won happiness, do so out jealousy and pain. They have my sincerest sympathies.

    1. You're welcome. :)

      I must admit that I was also taken in to begin with. My first exposure to 'trans matters' was the transgender community; they had me insecure and unsure about myself all over again in no time flat. It wasn't until I read testimonies like your own and developed a deeper understanding of the physiological realities that my own choice was clear. It's not a perfect solution to the problem, but what is in this life?

      Now I'm putting my life back together so that I can pay my dues to finish transition too, and I haven't forgotten that I owe those who are already post-transsexual one in that regard. As I said in the comments to another topic, you will be seeing me speaking out again in the future. Various attempts at character assassination and cyberstalking have *not* deterred me from telling things like they are. Rather, I've just taken some time off to get my ducks in a row.

  18. I haven't forgotten that I owe those who are already post-transsexual one in that regard. ~Amberdextrix

    Amber, if you do things the right way, if you do it YOURSELF, then you DON'T "owe ANYONE! a damn thing!

    It is TG mentality that you are "indebted" that you should give back to the "community". Stand on your Own two feet, be a self made woman in your own right, and you owe no-one anything.
    Best wishes.

    1. I appreciate the sentiment Van Buren, and best wishes to you too. :) I feel I should clarify my meaning, and do pardon my lack of clarity as of late -- I'm powered on little sleep. It is not that I feel any particular obligations to anybody, and definitely not in the TG manner. I was weaned off of that herd mentality early on in transition.

      It is more that I've realized I have one more effort in me to give before I step out of the limelight for good. That will be as much for me as it is for any of you. I've long been tired of seeing the same bullshit over and over.


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