Sunday, April 29, 2012

media misgendering and rebuttal

Jillian posted : in the montreal gazette a most infuriating article, that suggested we should accept misgendering by media organisations.

this is my rebuttal:

for us here in NZ, "transgender" is defined as:
   "A person whose gender identity is different from their physical sex at birth"

this conflated two issues. Gender identity, and physical sex identity.

a different dictionary says this:
   trans·gen·der  (trns-jndr, trnz-)
   Appearing as, wishing to be considered as, or having undergone surgery to become a member of the opposite sex.

this definition is clearly WRONG, as it excludes 95-99.5% of people who currently label themselves as TG.

the DSM-IV say this:

Between the publication of DSM-III and DSM-IV, the term "transgendered" began to be used in various ways. Some employ it to refer to those with unusual gender identities in a value free manner-that is, without a connotation of psychopathology. Some professionals informally use the term to refer to any person with any type of gender problem. Transgendered is not a diagnosis, but professionals find it easier to informally use than GIDNOS, which is.

which boils down to "transgendered refers to unusual gener identities"

and common use says transgender refers to anyone who does not fit into the gender binary.

the HRC defines transsexual as:

The term 'transsexual' refers to a person who does not identify with the biological sex designated at birth and who adopts the social role of the gender they identify with. Because this is a phenomenon of identity, rather than biology, it is now more common to use the term 'transgender'

again, conflating a physical issue with a gender role issue,

the diversity of definitions show that there is no accepted standard. Transgendered is a word with no meaning, and so has come to mean too many things. Cross dressers, sexual fetishists, 'weekend women'. whoever wants to label themselves TG can do so, without issue. It even applies to drag queens.

all of these definitions miss the fundamental and unavoidable basis of transsexualism. HAVING THE WRONG BODY. there is only one cure - surgery.

social gender role disorders - TS aside, the basis of the TG 'umbrella' are NOT treatable with surgery. Surgery would be a life destroying error.

that is the root of the distinction between TS and TG. Surgery.

it may be some TS are happy without surgery, merely playing a different gender role. Given free access to surgery, 24% of dutch TS women chose not to have surgery, so the field of TS is not uniform.

97% of post-operative TS women ( Kuiper & Cohen-Kettenis, 1998 ) are happy with their results and no longer suffer from Gender Dysphoria. The study does not talk about gender roles, as gender roles are irrelevant. As is often said by post-op TS women, "we can play any gender role we like. all that mattered was our bodies."

There are no similar statistics for the non-TS TG populations. It must be remembered, TS is a diagnostic label (now no longer used, as it has been replaced by GID, but once very clear) TG has no diagnostic value. its diagnostic equivalent is GIDNOS, which is distinct from GID.

the TG umbrella is an invention with no foundations. it is innacurate, lazy and could potentially be applied to every person on the planet who has ever wished they could wear make up, or pee standing up. That is why so many of us reject it utterly. That, and the fact that so many TG 'activists' who demand  to be recognized as 'female' are wielding operative male sexual organs and have NO issues about it (hence cannot be diagnosed with GID and hence have a different medical diagnosis to TS women)

TS do not have "gender problems" or "unusual gender identities". We, for the most part, fit neatly into the gender binary. We are women.

and Jenna, yes, she chose to be in the spotlight, but she spoke in the spotlight to define herself as "transsexual" and "a woman". GLAAD's campaign to mis-gender her as 'transgender' is not acceptable, no matter what a patently incorrect dictionary may say. The dictionaries take their cues from organisations such as GLAAD so this is not a game of factual information. This is a propaganda game being played by GLAAD to mis-appropriate the TS voice, and TS social gains (Jenna, for example) to further their agenda, which appears to be to make a mockery of the gender binary.


  1. The surgery-as-distinction idea is ridiculous. Autogynephilic pseudo-transwomen are some of the quickest to get their surgery, whilst poor, young real transwomen often cannot afford it. It is a truth that needs to be exposed.

    'As is often said by post-op TS women, "we can play any gender role we like. all that mattered was our bodies."' - Autogynephilic pseudo-transwomen say this too. Most post-op TS women would still not be able to play the male gender role, on the other hand.

    1. and your point is?

      i'm aware you hate TS separatists, and like to imply that we are "APT"s. but really...

      I'm not saying my stuff in order to label others. if you took the time to read my blog, you'd see i do a lot of questioning. however, i still reject the inclusion of TS under the TG umbrella, and i reserve MY right to not be labelled by others with labels with no diagnostic meaning.

      I especially reject thinly veiled attacks like yours.

      keep your hate to yourself, please honey. TS are outnumbered significantly by non-diagnosed gender-fuckers and its all a bit _unpleasant_, as are the legions of sexual deviant males who run around in frocks, waving their cocks and saying they have something in common with TS women.

    2. Want to know the real secret of the difference between transgender and transsexual at base, Kelly? Transgender people will do everything in the world to avoid labeling themselves as and being recognized as female -- just a woman, whether it's intentional or related to their own laziness. Transgender folks need to be *special* women, and their identities follow that pattern accordingly. I'm not an 'autogynephile', a 'transwoman', or any other words in your silly establishment worshipping transgender terminology (the word and purpose behind 'autogynephilia' is dehumanizing to any transsexual with an iota of dignity). I'm just a woman, nothing more and nothing special; not all the way female yet, but that won't stop me from going through with it when I get there. That's the most major difference between us, and it's a big one.

  2. Another excellent blog Flow. You are getting better every time and to me present well balanced arguements even tho you are clearly a passionate TS woman. We TS are/were a minority within a minority and it is time we stood on our own and were accepted. Not just dumped in a barrel and forgotten. Keep them coming!!

  3. "This is a propaganda game being played by GLAAD to mis-appropriate the TS voice, and TS social gains (Jenna, for example) to further their agenda, which appears to be to make a mockery of the gender binary."

    That IS the scary truth! Wake UP, America!

  4. Amberdextrix.... hag in there girl, the effort is so very worth it.
    You will get there, and it's a great place to be.....took me a while (decades in fact!).
    I have said many times that regardless of present operative status, the major difference between the TGs and us is that we don't WANT to keep our factory original equipment.
    Whether we have managed to change it yet is irrelevant...... It is very significant that not ONE TG that I have ever encountered seems able to 'get' that point!

  5. oops.... "hang in there" of course!!!

  6. Dictionary definitions.... yeah.... You should see what the say about the word "Witch"... OMG!.
    I am a Witch, and I know many others, and we are nothing like the definition in the OED (the definitive lexicon of English). I have written to Oxford University Press to point out the error, and that it is based in medieval christian attitudes and both then and now bears no relationship whatever to the truth of the matter.
    Popular belief seems to be the principal criterion for their definitions, regardless of the truth.
    So the TGs get their word (invented by a transvestite) accepted for what they say it is, even in dictionaries, which leaves the way wide open to its conflation with 'transsexual'.


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