Tuesday, April 3, 2012

an awesome TS blogger

I've been reading Elizabeth's blog. She's another intelligent, articulate and annoyed TS woman (and she's beautiful to boot). She's such a good writer, i'm breaking my blogging pattern to link to her... remember to come back here after!

sagebrush does well, too:

really, i'm so impressed by the quality of the TS blogs. Perhaps it takes a lot of common sense, self awareness and strength to survive the journey and be able to talk about it afterwards? at any rate, i've read more informative and educational works in TS blogs than in any medical literature. These girls truly understand their (our) condition. One has to wonder why it is non-transsexual crossdressers, medical prefessionals and therapists who speak for us, and tell us what we are. Do we not understand it best?

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