Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the more scary "truth" test

the magic machine test was for us to take individually. helps you know yourself. important stuff!

the truth test is far scarier. (this is for TG and TS folk) it help you know how others see you.

simply go out, and be, in the world. cross paths with children.

if there is someone who is pretty definitely going to tell you the unadulterated, bare, hurtful truth, its a person under 5.

if you hear "mummy, why is that man wearing a dress?" then you know you are failing to fit. it happens to us all. when it happens to me i take stock of my recent attitude, feelings and behaviours and knock any stray male learnt patterns on the head. it hasn't happened in a long time, thank god.

if you hear "mummy, why does that lady have a bump on her neck?" then you know that despite being built like a bloke, you've passed. a sad, miserable passing, but still a pass. pyrrhic? well, yes. damn that puberty.

if the kid treats you like anyone else, then you are just fine.

if a kid runs up to you, throws their arms around you and says "i want you to be my new mummy", well, then you know all is right in the world. apart, perhaps, from the kid.

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