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is a big word. it means "Etiology (alternatively aetiology, aitiology /tiˈɒləi/) is the study of causation, or origination. The word is derived from the Greek αἰτιολογία, aitiologia, "giving a reason for" (αἰτία, aitia, "cause"; and -λογία, -logia).[1]", to quote the wiki.
so what about it?

back over in the insane world of the TG, i've been standing my ground firmly against all sort of personal attacks. it seems that to say "TS and TG are NOT the same" is akin to shouting "lucifer fathered my babies" in church. it gets you a lot of shit. unlike the latter phrase, "TS are NOT TG" is TRUE.

yup, my insane TG friends, you are not i.

hence the big word. this is another attempt at trying to open the minds of the terminally blind. doomed to failure because none of them can be bothered to read my blog. THEY ALREADY KNOW WHAT I THINK! amazing, huh. that's why they can get so upset about my offensive attitudes, as they have already decided what they are. handy for them and their nonsensical arguments, not so handy for me or the rest of the well-adjusted world.

what would they do if they learnt that (shh.) my FAVOURITE boy and oh god i wish he were straight (he may be, who knows) is andrej. ( is that not the sexiest male thing alive? obviously i mustn't fancy him, because he's a straight up male crossdresser. apparently i dont like them.

what they are missing is that i don't dislike anybody in general, only specific people for acting in specific ways. one of the ways that pisses me off is to tell me that i'm something, because of reasons that i don't agree with. for example. "You are TG, because you have/had a gender role disorder". well, you know where you can stick that statement. i never had a role disorder, i had a PHYSICAL disorder which i got fixed.
or. "You are TG because we share a hobby". apparently crossdressing for men is the same as wearing the right clothes for girls. well, you can go play dress ups in your male fantasy idea of the perfect woman's clothes if you like. i'm jsut going to get on with my life.

so, the long word. aetiology. the origins,

Transgenderism is a construct of society. it (and to quote the endless TG borg literature) "is a dissonance between gender identity (an internal) and social gender role".

so, if you took away social roles (say, let girls and boys wear what they lie, do what they like and call themselves what they like) then there would be NO DISSONANCE. hence no transgenderism.

simple? i reckon.

transsexualism requires no society. it requires a simple recognition of body parts. even if we were playing gender role games to our heart's content.,we'd STILL HAVE TRANSSEXUALISM until we got our physical body parts fixed.

so. TS is based in the physical (ie, what's between your legs) and TG in the mental (whatever bizarre ideas you may or may not have about male and female roles in society). totally DIFFERENT issues.

not even CLOSE.

that is why the 'spectrum' is such rubbish. that is why the lumping of TS and TG is so infuriating. that is why TS can get surgery and then get legal recognition. we are cureable and down to earth.

so STOP lumping us together. look at all the TS girls who transitioned before puberty. see and gender disphoria in them? no way, they are all happy members of society, or at least, normal members, given that depression, suicide, eating disorders etc etc exist in all populations. they don't look like crossdressers, because they never had male puberty. they are the true, beautiful, face of TS. WOMEN.

those of us who were not that lucky got Testosterone damage. so we may, superficially, look like the CD, drag or other male gender benders. that is on the surface. inside we are the same as any woman.

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