Monday, January 30, 2012

TS separatism

amazing how the TG community feels so free to tell TS women who and what they are. 

TS separatism is a reaction to the continual theft of our identity by a male, sexually fetishistic, genderqueer majority.

have the TG crowd tried being a TS, speaking from their hearts? of course not. No man really wants to BE a women, they want to imitate and compete with them. that's why they are -not- TS. that is why they are genderqueer instead. they have no desire to lose their male genitals or need to blend into society as a woman. 

What happens in these TG spaces is, you speak, and then a pack of incredibly sensitive males jump at you, accuse you of transphobia and 'privilege' and being elitist. it doesn't matter what you say, it is as if merely having the effrontery to dare to speak is enough to trigger a defensive rage.

if you dare to suggest that the experience of being TS is in any way different to that of a CD, then you are lectured at length about brain studies that 'prove' we are all the same; on the 'transgender spectrum' that somehow implies that TS is merely an extreme form of crossdressing (and so therefore, the TS is really male); on 'de-gendering' and how gender has no basis in reality (like, hello? looked between your legs recently?)

it is offensive, patronising and very, very, very male.

maybe there is jealousy? after all, us TS get our birth certificates changed and get to use women's facilities (this is a big fetish for some guys. the sacred 'female' loo, that they were ejected from once they were too old for their mums to take them inside anymore). we get treated as women and can marry our (straight) men. the TG forget that there is a difference between us. ie, WE are women. binary identified and generally heteronormative women. we are not men in dresses, we do not retain our male genitalia (and an ability to use them for rape.) that is why we can use female spaces, because they belong to us. we fit into society and it accepts us, for the greater part. i experience little violence, little discrimination and little social difficulty, because i offer no violence, discrimination or difficulty to society. If someone challenges me, i have sure footing to meet that challenge and claim my rights.

the TG crowd, however, seem intent on beating the world into submission, forcing them to accept their pantie clad cocks, like it or not. and at the same time, they do it whilst claiming OUR voice. In support meetings they dare to hit on vulnerable TS women and play games with their minds. They resent our existence, unless we submit to their genderqueer agenda. We are beaten with a mantra of 'having to accept everyone', which is used to silence our non-TG-message voices, yet that acceptance is one way, and we must conform and agree or we have our posts deleted. Why should a man who plays dress ups have any right to claim a female identity? it is disgusting and has to stop. 

hence. TS separatism.  as time goes by we will only become more visible, more vocal, and more damming of the TG community that co-opts our identity, steals our voice and abuses our rights to identify as we wish.

if the TG groups don't like it, then they need to stop claiming commonality with us, stop claiming to speak for us, and stop claiming to be like us, when they are patently not.

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